How would you make a classic fighting game more fun on mobile?

Rember the classic weapons? The sword, the rocket launcher, the bomb, the slingshot? (And so on…) Well, I was wondering how I could make this classic fighting experience better on Roblox. Without doing anything custom, mobile players get dominated by their PC opponents. Do you have any ideas on how I could improve the control scheme on mobile for this type of experience?


I think a lot of it comes from the fact that the skill floor is too high for mobile players to stand a chance. Maybe try making it easier for beginners and mobile players to play, with easier controls, maybe add a bit of aim assist for example?

Aim assist is not a bad concept. I wonder how the PC players would feel about the mobile players having aim assist? I might have to research what Fortnight does, if they help mobile players at all…

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Tweak damage and hotbox slightly so its almost un-noticable but will help a bit, as previously stated maybe a bit of aim assist.

Well, there shouldn’t be a reason for PC players to be complaining about aim assist for mobile, as they have their whole hand to move a mouse where they want it to move it, (but then again some laptop users without a mouse maybe would complain) whereas mobile players are very limited when it comes to aiming.

If your concern is that a mobile player is at a disadvantage, you could try adding a seperate server list for only mobile players, and another for only PC players. You could have a hub place so the player count still stays combined and the data transfers over to both “servers”. Aim assist and auto jump are good ways to improve fluidity, and locking on to targets might improve sword fighting to mimic the sword fighting on PC.


i agree with @kidso52, make different servers for mobile and pc players. I recommend to add also the multiplatform server in case you wanna play with a friend, or anything else.

I think this is the best approach. PC players would still ultimately have the upper hand, so giving mobile players a fighting chance with some aim assist shouldn’t be an issue.

One thing you can do that will help mobile players a lot is to replace the Mouse object (if used) with Rays and UserInputService. Take full advantage of UserInputService.

I would recommend researching Fortnite mobile. Unlike other games, you often see great mobile players on Fortnite and a lot of it comes down to the easier and efficient controls. Aim assist, faster turning, efficient UI.

I made two classes in my game that specialize in melee weapons and I recommend when choosing a class that mobile players use those classes.
The melee combat is much better than trying to aim the gun and walk at the same time while on mobile.
Those classes are also a bit OP but not as fun IMO.

I Think it would be better Making a Mobile Hitboxes Just like Arsenal.