How would you make a global freecam?

Hello everyone,

Disclaimer: I am a terrible scripter, so if the answer is super simple or I don’t understand, bear with me. :wink:

I am trying to figure out how I would go about making a global freecam that everyone can use. I make lots of HUGE showcases, (about 400-1000 times the size of a baseplate,) and people can’t really explore them because they are so large. I know that there is a developer freecam, (shift-p) but I don’t know how I could make it so everyone could access it.

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see your ideas!

This topic has the same purpose as you do, and this post will give you a direct solution.


Thank you! I will be trying that out now! Not sure if the search bar isn’t working but I did not find any relevant results.

That worked, thank you so much!

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