How would you make a telekinesis power?

Hi! So i’ve tried making some sort of telekinesis power, but I’ve come across a lot of problems. The system itself is simple. You hold down a key, a part starts floating, following your mouse cursor, and when you let go of the key it drops. My problems were the following:

The part in question would go through the baseplate, even when CanCollide was on.
If I used the ability on a part, and then used it on a second part, both parts would be affected by the ability for some reason.
When letting go of the key, the part would be stuck in mid air for a few seconds.

So, how would you make this seemingly simple ability?

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There is someone who have made a really really great telekinisis script and has released it in public its from this person in this video.


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!! I will go study the script now. c:

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sorry to bump, but how is it done? the video is unavailable


You should private message them instead of replying to an old topic