How would you make an ad sign?

Hello! So I was recently playing trade hangout and they have a board where you can advertise a game. I was wondering how would you go about making a system like that where a player can pay to have there game appear on an add and other people can join it?robloxapp-20210203-1526348.wmv (5.0 MB)

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Not sure how to link a video sorry.

You’ll need a few items. That being said, I don’t play Trade Hangout, so not sure if this is accurate.

  • Set up your developer products.
  • Create a script to handle the product purchases.
  • If ads need to last a certain time period, save them with a time. When a server starts up, get the list of running ads. Those that have expired their time, don’t show them anymore and remove them from the list of running ads so newer servers don’t fetch them again.
  • Make sure to ask players for a decal id. Conversion to an image id or thumbnail may be required on your part to make sure they properly render ingame.

Figuring out what else you may require is up to you, as is how to piece the system together. Make sure to do additional research if you need more reading material. If you’re looking for more help, make sure you’ve already attempted to make this system. You can then update a DevForum thread or post a new one containing detailed information about your attempt.

convert it to mp4 from this WMV to MP4 - Online Converter

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