How would you make an http request to Roblox?

Could I use HttpService:RequestAsync() with the cookie as a header?

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Yes, I believe so.

You can use postman to GET and POST

What I would do is make a node.js (javascript) app which uses express.js to set up an api endpoint a lib such as noblox.js for logging into roblox and changing someone’s rank in group, and then host it somewhere like

From that point you can use HttpService to make a request to your api which will change the group rank for the target user.

An example with the noblox.js lib and express.js:

const express = require("express")
var app = express()
const rbx = require("noblox.js")

rbx.cookieLogin("your cookie here (best wa is to create a dummy account for this and rank it in group)")

app.get("/rankInGroup", function(req, res) {
    var groupId = req.query.groupId;
    var role = req.query.role;
    var userId = req.query.userId;
    rbx.setRank(groupId, userId, role).then(() => {

Then you would make a request to

(Forgive any typos, I typed all that on mobile)


Thank you for your answer, and especially for going into that much detail. I will attempt to do this and report back if it works :smile:.

edit: I went to and then just did “New Project --> Clone from Git Repo” and then inserted the noblox.js link into it. Would that work? When I click on “Show” this is the link that pops up

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From my reading of this thread, I do not quite understand what you are attempting to achieve. It would help if you were more specific and described what exactly you wanted to do.

In general - yes, you can send HTTP requests to the various Roblox API’s. Reading the documentation page for each one will provide you with detailed information on what is required to send a request successfully, this includes the HTTP Method, required or optional parameters, and whether or not you need to be logged into an authenticated user.

Take the fetch group wall posts API for example, it does not require you to be logged in, requires the method to be GET, the only required parameter (in bold) is the groupId, and the rest of the parameters, such as sortOrder are optional. It also provides you with the request URL so you can try it out for yourself.

EDIT If you would like a program to send requests from for testing purposes, or for experimentation in general I highly reccomend Postman. You can use it to send HTTP requests with different methods.


So why are you making a request to roblox? Could you get by with existing services provided?

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To explain, I am trying to make it so that I can create a function which allows me to change someone’s rank in a group, like API:promote(groupId, userId, rankId), and there is a url used by Roblox to do such a thing, which is
and since HttpService doesn’t let you make requests to Roblox I have to use a proxy – but the problem is you need the login cookie and the XCRF token just to do that.

Damn there are so much baggage that comes along with that

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Check out noblox.js. Its a library written in Node.js which allows you to execute web functions easily. There’s also a noblox.js-server which you can easily deploy for use as a proxy. It will handle logging in and cookie refreshing for you.


Noblox says that I’m supposed to use Heroku, but it doesn’t work with Heroku anymore, so I’ve been using but I’m not sure how to apply Noblox to glitch

I know this isnt the question, but are you sure you want to tangle up your account permissions with your game? Why are you even handling that meta data within the game

Since there’s currently no such function as “GroupService:SetRank()” this is my only option :confused:

No why are you setting group rank within the game and not just creating your own group system in game. It will become easier once cross server messaging is live as well i think.

You can pretty much literally copy paste all of the scripts over. It will install all library dependencies for you if you list them in your package.json

.Oh okay. I’ll see if that works :slight_smile: . Quick question though - which one do I use, noblox.js or noblox.js-server?

By reading your recent post, since you wish to set up a proxy server to handle user promotion requests, just use noblox.js-server and deploy it directly to glitch, rather than using the library to write your own server.

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I’m wondering if maybe using Trello would be easier, as in, making my own ranking system instead of using Roblox’s.

Trello is a task management suite tho

I don’t know what that means.