How Would You Make The Lighting Smoother?

Hello, It’s me Army, back with another question.

Lately I have been working on a house using blender and some Roblox parts, but while I am lighting the house, I noticed that the Lighting seems really choppy, as well as you can see the light through some parts as well.
(It may be hard to see, but in picture 3 the light shines through the roof.)

I have seen some posts where they mention futuristic lighting, but I’ve looked and there isn’t any post going more into that in detail. Does anyone have a way to turn on futuristic lighting, or will that not help my lighting problem?

Any help on how to make the lighting more realistic/better would be appreciated! :smiley_cat:


The lights going through the walls are called “Lighting artifacts” if I’m correct. There is no way to fix it other than to make the walls thicker (For all I know atleast).

The “Futuristic Lighting” you are talking about is Future is Bright, you can switch lighting modes by going to the Lighting’s properties and look for the option “Technology”. It may say “Compatible”, “Voxel” or “Shadowmap”. Switch it to “Future”. Keep in mind that your graphics quality has to be set higher in order to see it.

Future lighting fixes the lights you have put in other rooms that are going through walls. The only thing it doesn’t fix is the light emitted by the sun/moon which is what you see going through the roof.


Well, the walls are the perfect size for me, and I don’t really want to change it. Future light setting worked, but it also made the light A LOT sharper. Is there no other way to get ride of Lighting Artifacts?

Are those walls parts? Unioning walls can help.

Well, the walls are a model I made in blender then exported to roblox.

I don’t think there’s any other way to get rid of them. Maybe other people know a way or two.

I guess you just gotta deal with it. I wouldn’t wanna change the size of the walls just to remove it too.

Ah. Thanks for trying, at least I know how to edit the lighting type.

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Try turning Shadows on if you already haven’t. It’ll cause some lag but It’s generally better and won’t go through walls.