How would you rate this building style?

I’m working on a map for a WW2 themed fps game I’m creating, what are your thoughts on the art style?


This build looks great and not boring to look at. The details are curved in to the building which is good. However, I wouldn’t exaggerate the windows to the point it’s deformed. Same for the poles of the houses, I think it’s better not to create deformed lines for things like windows or poles, it’ll look awkward and non-sense.


You added a bit too much deformation on the windows and pillars. The deformation on the roof could work if you had a smaller shingles.

Yeah, the windows look a bit too deformed I’ll probably make it less deformed. I don’t want to make not deformed at all because it won’t fit in but yeah I’ll make it less deformed .

Thanks for your feedback.

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Looks good, but not the misalignment and wobbly windows with overused duplication. It can be wobbly, but not undetailed. Window frames should not be so weird looking