How would you sell T-shirts on your group without bc?

I don’t know where to put this post, but is there any way of selling T-shirt’s without bc on a group? Would hiring someone with bc to add a t shirt to your group work?

Well, for starters, there’s no way you could sell shirts, t-shirts or pants without Roblox Premium, well, you may hire somebody to do that for you, but they must have subscribed to Roblox Premium.

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Roblox doesn’t allow selling T-Shirts without any membership. Although, when there was BC you could I think.

There is no way you can do that or you can have someone of your friends who have premium

you make him join and you make him an admin but make sure in the settings that you make him do shirts and something like that and then you can have a shirt in your group


If you need someone to buy an asset/give robux to you. Create a Gamepass in a game and set the price.

There is a way to sell but you need premium first.
So this is what i figured out.
Once you get premium create clothes with different price ranges

  • 5 robux shirt
  • 10 robux shirt
  • 50 robux shirt
  • etc

Once you do that and your premium expires you can still buy those shirts, but you cant set a price to it.
So if you have someone who is tryna pay you have them buy the shirts because there is already a price. Also you can buy the shirt and delete it from your inventory and them buy it again.