How Would You Suggest Applying What You Learned From YouTube Tutorials?

I’ve watched all these videos, but they just teach the fundamentals of whatever they’re talking about that day, but it never feels like anything I can cohesively combine.
I’d like to learn how to apply the scripting I’m learning in videos, into something game related so I understand exactly how to combine and use it all.

I’ve been having a problem of where I understand what I’m learning from beginner/advanced tutorial series, but when it comes down to actually scripting something I just don’t know how to apply it or where to start half the time.

I am creating a simulator game, I’ve already designed and animated some of the models, but then when it got time to script the functionality of lets say my hover wings, I lost a lot of the scripting knowledge I had stored before creating the meshes.

Honestly most of the scripting I’ve learned is even just in my head, I understand it and can read it, but a blank page I just lose track of how to do it.

So whatever you did to apply scripting as you learned, I’d love it. And maybe what do you think is the fastest way I can really get a grasp on it?

The most effective way I can turn the guides into actual skill, would be a dream come true.

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I would suggest the divide and conquer strategy of breaking down the problem.

For example making a controllable turret that shoots you first start with movement.

Searching up a lot of posts you will theres two methods physics constraints or C0 CFrame with joints.

Then you just keep going untill the problem is solved.

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I personally don’t recommend trying to learn everything off youtube. Beyond the basics of how to write in lua, a large chunk of scripting is knowing how to use the developer api to find information you need in order to make the systems you want to make. Getting comfortable with the workflow of not knowing how to make something and finding the resources you need to unblock yourself is something that youtube tutorials generally don’t cover.

Youtube tutorials are basically like making lego builds from kits. You’ll learn how to make a very specific thing, like a lego star destroyer, but you won’t actually have learnt how to use those pieces for anything other than that star destroyer. If your goal isn’t to build a star destroyer but instead learn how to build things in general, you’d want to stop following the building guide and go off-script, pun intended.

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Haha I love this response! Thank you! Yeah that makes a ton of sense. I feel like there must be something special to just knowing what you’ve learned, events, functions, CFrame, etc. And use them as building blocks for how you imagine it’s supposed to fit together. Then searching the api for things relating. I suppose that’s why they say everyone scripts so different than yeah? You must be able to find 100 ways to do the same thing.
With that in mind it feels a lot less daunting, and more exciting! :grin:

Lolll omg off script XD you’re good at that lol!

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I would try the opposite. Instead of watching the vids and trying to apply them, figure out what you want to do, then find out how to do it.

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