How you check your game volume low or high?

I now testing my beta game and want to know how high my game volume to others
Is there another way to check if the game volume is good?

If there isnt,
How high your average computer volume during Roblox?

  • ~20
  • 20~30
  • 30~40
  • 40~50
  • 50~60
  • 60~70
  • 70~80
  • 80~

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On windows you can change the volume of Roblox.

  1. Right click on the volume button
    Screenshot (272)
  2. Click on “Open volume mixer”
    Screenshot (273)
  3. Change the volume to what you want. Also For Roblox settings volume I have mine at max like in the screenshot you showed.
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my description was ruff
I just want to know how high the volume of game that I made to others
Sorry. I edited that more accurate


k I edited again. It would be better to check only people’s computer volume. Thx for feedback

It really based on whom listening to, people who constantly hearing loud volume intends to have their volume at max due to their ear were smash to pieces.

I personally find 40-50 comfy, it both doesn’t lack the bass within the music/sounds and it is not loud enough to kill me

I think he meant what volume you adjust to while playing roblox games, not his personal one

I know. He just didn’t explain it right the first time. I would say almost everyone has their volume at 50.

I almost always use 30 unless a game is extra loud or noise complaints arise.

If you want to check ingame volume, just get the player’s game settings through a script.

I always use max volume unless the game is assaulting my ears and I still need to hear notifications.