How's My GFX Profile Picture?

I’m not as skilled considering I’ve been doing graphic design for about a month now. However, I believe I am improving and learning quickly! Still have a few more things to learn :smile:
In this GFX, I made my first attempt on the popular trend, 'Rim Lighting’ on the render. I’d like to hear some feedback and advice on how to improve on the lighting mostly. I ended up making a Profile Picture with it, so feel free to comment on that too!



Thank you for reading and checking my topic out! Have a great day.


Lighting looks really nice, however those kind of rig types aren’t my thing but it may just be the thing that makes it look so realistic. You did a very good job at compiling what kind of hats, faces, and props would look for the theme and picture, keep on with it man!

I thought the boy rig would look more friendly instead of a regular rig. Other than that, thank you very much for your feedback and comment! :smile:

I think it looks pretty good! My attempts to make a GFX have not gone as well! :slight_smile:

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rig / animating: :white_check_mark:
effects: :white_check_mark:
lighting: not my style but, :white_check_mark:

overall not bad, i especially like your watermark, very unique!

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Thank you very much! I believe anyone can improve and do well in anything with practice! (Including you)