How's my idle game? Baby: New island

I made a idle game about raising babies on a deserted island!
Please leave feedback or ideas on what i could add to make it better!

Baby: New island - Roblox


add how to get coins in the tutorial. Took me a minute without it.

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Also, pressing C doesn’t open up the controls, like it says it does in the hints

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forgot to add that its in there now.

The only thing hurting this game is the UI.

Definetly needs a bit more comfort.

The game is very nice though and it looks amazing.

However I did accidentally go too far in the ocean, get lost, and ended up in the void, and got softlocked, even Resetting didnt fix. I’d add a warp if you go too far.

Definetly a 9/10 game, I can see it taking off

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just fixed the getting lost and soft locked part

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add more interaction to the baby
and more things to buy
ALSO add something to see how many food do u have

also im having fun playing it :slight_smile:

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