Hows my loading screen?

Hows my loading screen its not fully done yet , i will add - tween sound , add another frame to make it longer because its look weird if the h2r appear just like that . im unable to make the needle fully rotate due to maximum 180 and idk why with the precentage . i use

for i = 1,100 ,0.4 do label.text = i end

suggest me more to make it even better . inspired by game ride 3/2


I think the black background and the motorcycle being that close to the screen is the reason it looks dull, atleast for me.

understand i will fix that . [hello dear my 30 momvement]

The idea is nice, but I think it would look catchier and more impactful if you’d tween in whole motorcycle image sliding from the bottom/zooming in as the first step. The background is solid black after all. Then you can add arrow rotation and sound (revving the engine will fit better in the case with motorcycle tween).