How's my Lobby looking?

Hello! I am working on a Meme Simulator and I need some advice for my lobby. Intense criticisms are okay!


I think it looks good so far! I like how much detail there is.

Look Great!

Keep up the good work!

(Btw, love the pets)

Thank you --appreciate the positivity

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Looks pretty basic so I’d give a 7/10 because you should add sprinkles in your water fountain and make more trees. If you want you could give the NPC’s a dance animation but other than those things nice job!

That looks very nice well done.
As a idea maybe add some paths around with some benches to give a more peaceful look.
Overall well done.

Decent start but empty at the edges. Consider adding more trees.

I like the simplicity in the direction of the art design. Add some effects to the fountain to make the lobby more lively.

Thank you for your advice! I have implemented some ideas of yours.


Looks great! I suggest adding more things in the background so it doesn’t look so empty. Otherwise I love it!

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I love it! Only thing I would change is make it brighter.

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Loving the models! You may want to make the colours slightly brighter as the colours are a bit dull. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for your advice! I appreciate it very much.

[Updated version]:
(I will put in better lighting)

Looking Great!
Im not really a developer on simulators, but I suggest maybe turning up the brightness a lil bit. Looks sorta dark to me.

Great so far though! Keep up the good work!

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Maybe add a bridge with water under it going around the main area .
But good job.

It looks good, but it doesn’t look all that unique when you compare it to all the simulators around, i’m afraid. The lodge was a nice touch though.

nice idea, how’s


Looks awsome tbh! I love the amount of details in it. I see minecraft in the app bar, so now you have a 200/100 rating (100/100 for the lobby and another 200 for minecraft. All jokes aside, I love it!


thanks! I play too much minecraft lol

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