How's this button animation look?

Hey, so I just implemented a simple button animation for my menu buttons, to give it a little bit of “kick”.

Just wondered if there’s anything I could do better here, or if I should get rid of the animation entirely. Thanks!


Works smoothly, but it bothers me when you hover the mouse over the buttons. Am I really selecting it or something?

A suggestion would be adding some effect when hovering over the buttons.


I agree. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll mess around by adding different hovering effects to them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, adding a hover effect will differentiate buttons from our UI elements.


I recommend adding hover and click effects for the arrow icons as well (maybe darken the arrow or darken it’s background). The animations look pretty good.


Looks smooth and simple. Nice UI design by the way.

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I really like your UI! It’s very simplistic and modern looking. The only improvement I would suggest is to add a hover effect to the buttons. Since the cursor isn’t very exact, a hover effect that just changes the brightness of the button background a little bit would make your design a lot better!

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