How's this sushi scene look?

How’s this scene with sushi and soy sauce look?


Personally I really like the overall shapes! A few things I would suggest changing / adding though are

  1. Perhaps change the soy sauce to be darker
  2. Add more things inside the California roll

But overall very nice job! Keep up the good work.

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Thanks! I’ll make the soy sauce darker and I’ll add more things into the roll.

I like the simple low poly style of the soy sauce but the sushi breaks that style. The sushi has many parts while the soy sauce looks very simplistic.

The angle looks really good! But the sushi is a bit hard to recognize.

I think it looks great overall and I like the style, but if you want to make the sushi more recognizable you may want to add some wasabi and ginger on the side. I’ll add a reference image for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

if u didnt said it was sushi i wouldn’t recognize it as sushi i would recognize it as painted cheese slice

Pretty ok SUShi, It looks an bit weird i swear you can make that in roblox studio and make it waaaaay better, It just looks like an pile of blocks, But good job nontheless.

Good SUShi