How/Why is Roblox using 0% GPU on a chromebook?

its common that roblox uses more cpu then gpu, but why is it using ABSOLUTELY none? although the chromebook im on is very slow, it should use its integrated graphics. on my other pc, which has integrated graphics, it uses gpu and runs fine.
this is what im getting

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talking about the integrated gpus, essentially every one has it, when you are using a linux app, it has gpu support… also like i said before my other pc which is windows with a integrated gpu has the gpu stat and actually preforms well

i feel like i should bump this, it gets very annoying since other windows machines, with the same specs can run a lot better but chromeos is pain

What’s your Chromebook brand and model?

the brand is hp chromebook 14-na0010nr

I don’t think you realize Chromebooks are some of the crappiest computers you can get. I would know. They have no GPUs, just integrated graphics which are very slow.

I can’t link anything other than popular social media sites because of forum rules but are you sure that the drivers are properly installed? It should have UHD 600 normally. Probably the issue isn’t here though, because chromebook driver installs are automatic, but you should definitely still check this.

you can try installing Simple OpenGL-ES Info from the play store on your chromebook to see if your graphic card is working

if it is then i’d assume that roblox hasn’t implemented GPU stats for mobile yet, even it happens with my phone that uses a PowerVR gpu

you can further confirm by pressing shift + f2 and look for the GPU option

they still technically have gpus, roblox registers igpus as gpus in windows

on my ios ipad 6, the stat is there, so i dont really know, il try to install it