HP Laptop I made

Hello! I made a laptop.

Here’s the front.
Here’s the back.

The laptop I based the build off of:

Any feedback would be appreciated!


The blue color on the case is too bright

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No it’s fine It’s good and I will recommend you to make the hp logo a little bigger than usual ok?

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Really nice! The only thing bad is that it is too blue, I’ve never seen a laptop like that before. Maybe make it darker, or just gray. Nice job!

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Did you texture that on your own or did you use decals?

The building is in my opinion could use some work, but if you textured that on your own then that’s really impressive

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Good work! I suggest adding some more details like the plugs and CD player on the side depending on laptop model. Also, it might be tedious for this type of build but instead of a realistic decal like this you could make your own wallpaper so it fits better.

Looks good, it seems a bit bulky though, particularly near the tracking pad. Make the tracking pad a little darker or a different color. Also, no on/off button? Add ports and make the edges more circular :+1:

Make it silver or white, because I personally have never seen a laptop that blue.

Also smooth the edges because there are a lot of sharp edges on the frame and keys.

I didn’t texture them myself, I just used decals.

Looks good!
Very accurate, maybe at some point decals on the keyboard, and I personally dislike the blue color of it :confused: