[HRING] Gameplay Programmer for a Future ww2 fort project

About Us

Hi there! I am updating my ww2 game to release to my community and hopefully gain more members.

The Team
@Reviewing- Builder 《Payment》
@VACANT - Scripter 45%
@Reviewing - Asset Creation 《Payment》
@NorthEternal - GFX 《Commissions》
@VACANT - UI 《Commissions》
@Reviewing - Project Management 5%
@EternalCanadianDev - Project Lead 5%
Back Into Game - 25%
Ads/Sponsorships - 10%
Savings - 10%

About The Job

We are looking for a professional Scripter to join us as lead gameplay programmer. This programmer will be responsible for programming everything in the game.

Things you will be scripting

  • A Plane Chassis
  • A Tank Chassis
  • A Jeep Chassis
  • A Truck Chassis
  • Admin Commands
  • Game Tips
  • Clickable Objects
  • Gun Store
  • Money System
  • Gun System (Certian Play Time = Certian Free Gun)
  • Maybe some UI
  • Gamepass Buttons
  • Control Panel Gates and Doors

Basically everything from Clickable doors to vehicle Chassis. You will be the only Scripter aside from the UI designers and scripters. You will also need to fix any glitches afterwards

You will start working on the vehicles in 2 weeks when we send the models. Then the control panels, then the admin commands. When that’s done, you will need to wait for more work. This game should be fully scripted by 2021 January 25th.


We are paying 45% of version 2 profits. This is negotiable. We are not paying straight robux. Only percentage. We may be able to offer a small robux Payment as upfront.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at EternalCanadianDev#1541

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Still looking for a Scripter. Contact and leave a reply with discord if you do.

Still hiring, I will now give small upfronts to whoever’s I hire.

We have hired a programmer. He is under review. Applications will be closed however you may submit one to dms with past work and in the event we fire him we may pick someone else.

Since I saw that no one applied to your job and it seems something not that difficult, it would be great if you hire me as your Core Gameplay Programmer!

If you are interested on me, well, you can contact me via Discord or DevForum.

DevForum: @AllGoodNamesRGone243
Discord: @allgood.#7032

Thanks for taking the tim for contacting me!

What will happen if the game flops? Will the developers get compensation?

If the game flops we will provide a backup payment of 15k robux. Though with me building up my community and how it will be sponsored and with the massive budget for the map to make it look good, it shouldnt flop.

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Ok, i wish you good luck on your game!

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Still hiring! Send in apps, closing in one week!

Still hirirng! Contact via discord if interested!

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