HTTP 0 everywhere

something changed last night and made my game literally unplayable
what do, I’m gonna sink off top rated pretty quick

Letting you know we saw this and are looking into it.

Do you have an exact time when the errors started?

I first got messages about it around 9pm est last night

Can confirm this in two separate games.

Can still confirm. I have no clue when this started, but my server has like seven people in it doing nothing intensive.

Thanks guys. @PlaceRebuilder @PlaceRebuilder is it breaking your games?

For all of you - can you please post links to the affected games, so we can repro this on our end?


Unfortunately I was asleep when this happen but I’v gotten reports that it did indeed break the game. Now every server works again.
However, I think this http0 error causes people to be unable to load and because of some error at my end it breaks the game.

The game should never break, this error should only cause people to be unable to save and load data as far as I understand it.

EDIT: If it breaks any games its likely to do with rewarding playerpoints, cause during HTTP0 trying to give playerpoints will make the following error: (My game handles these tho)

Processing PointsService:AwardPoints error: HTTP 0 (CURL error (curl_easy_perform, 13B94150): Failure when receiving data from the peer). userId = 47825830 | SService.Partials.PlayerPoints, line 22 - field GivePlayerpoints SService.GameCore, line 126

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