HTTP 400 Bad Request

I am trying to make thing that gathers a bunch of players and sends them to a private server, But every single time the code try to send them I get an error message. HTTP 400 Bad Request

    local tab = {}
	for _, peep in pairs(people:GetChildren()) do
		local player = game.Players:FindFirstChild(peep.Name)
		if player then
			table.insert(tab, player)

	local code = TS:ReserveServer(5833037391)
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use TeleportPartyAsync to teleport multiple people.

I need a server that no one else from the outside can join would this work for this? Also TeleportToPrivateServer does support teleporting multiple people according to the dev forum here

can someone help me out please I really need this to work as it is the way the players access the actual game

According to the API documentation for TeleportToPrivateServer:

This service does not work during playtesting in Roblox Studio — To test aspects of your game using it, you must publish the game and play it in the Roblox application.

Sorry for late response but I was testing it in game when I made this post

You need to open Allow HTTP Requests

By any chance was this enabled? (Allow HTTP Requests)


Ah i think I know the problem you need to add

local TS = game:GetService("TeleportService")
local code = TS:ReserveServer(5833037391)

Still didn’t fix anything also I used print statements and apparently its breaking on making the code for the server idk what’s wrong with it

What is error in the output???


local TS = game:GetService("TeleportService")
	local code = TS:ReserveServer(5833037391)

Can you able to show us Station1 script?

Not sure, but could it be because of the place id that you have passed? maybe its a wrong place id or not part of the current game?

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This is the station 1 code and heres just all of the code

well I am the biggest idiot around sorry for wasting everyone’s time I forgot that I deleted the old place