Http 401 unauthorized in my game only me

ok i Have an issue im getting http 401 unauthorized on my account and in my game
loading game data and gamepasses. also this is my personal acc and game

Whats causing the issue is roblox i also have a group and have 2 games under the group in studio which keep affecting my personal acc made game.

I fixed this last weekend by in collabe adding my group to the game and giving access to play

now we started a new group game and im getting the same errors again on my personal account and personal game . adding the group now to new game looks alittle different from before but now my personal game and account is having the http 401 unauthorized error again.

please i need a dev to look into this issue group games should not mess up personal games and accounts.
again i had to add my group to my personal game to fix this issue last weekend but now its broken again .ty I hope this makes sense lol

You need to be the owner of the group and game to edit game settings.

yeah i know i am the owner of both but its fixed now pretty sure was a roblox issue not mine recently got an update now everythings back to normal