HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) When trying to post on my glitch

Hello, I’m trying to use glitch and upload info to it, but I get an error: HTTP 401 (Unauthorized)
this is my code:
Any help appreciated!

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")

local mySite = ""

http:PostAsync(mySite, http:JSONEncode("This is a test message"), Enum.HttpContentType.ApplicationJson)
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First of all you are encoding a string instead of an actual table.

Well, it said it’s an string on the devhub, but I don’t know, I’ll try encoding an table but still won’t fix that I do not have access to even post there.

Here is some sample code that I made with HttpService:Post() for a trello module. This is how it should be formatted first you put the link that you are sending data to. Then secondly you pass a table with all the arguments you would like to change.

Well, still I don’t even know how to access the glitch without an error.

If you don’t have access to sending the data over than it is something with the code on the website.

Oh, I’ll do some research of that then.

So, I found out why it doesn’t accept my data. I forgot an line of code but how should the table look like? I have no idea how should it.

Ok, so I found that I forgot an line allowing POST requests. Now I can post there thanks to anyone trying to help!