HTTP 403 error on majority of places, including place templates - unable to open or create places & Ctrl+N error



If you copy/paste the failing place fetch url (e.g. in to a browser, does it allow you to download the place asset file? You can test by renaming the downloaded file to “foo.rbxl” and opening it in studio, the link above is for the baseplate template.


I can download it (so long as I disable a few of my Google Chrome Extensions), yes. Everything on the browser works as expected, however when it comes to Roblox Studio itself, the HTTP 403 error steps in.

List of extensions for reference:


Roblox+ has an annoying security feature that prevents you from downloading assets from the web.


This other post seems to be the same problem:


Was this bug fixed? I seem to be able to load places fine now, however I’ve gotten no replies back from any staff regarding the matter.


We’ve been investigating and suspect it is a CDN issue. If you experience this issue, please let us know.