HTTP 403 (Forbidden) Error Using InsertService

Guys i’m keep getting this error using InsertService:

i’m trying to import a archived mesh, someone help me
if you can (probably can’t) put your soluction here please…

It’s probably due to the fact it is archived, therefore it cannot be used.


like my another post (the first post) no soluctions probably,
but thanks for your help.

can we see the code, but it’s probably because it’s archived

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ok… thank you too…
probably no solution again

They probably used the command bar given the fact the line of code ran was written into the output.


didn’t notice the code was in the ss lol. Who is the creator of the model you’re trying to insert?

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the creator is
it’s to be another name, but they entered on they account and changed the account’s name.

that’s where the problem is, you can only insert models that the creator of the experience (you) have in your inventory or ones that are made by roblox. Considering it’s archived I am guessing you don’t have it in your inventory


yeah, i dont have it…
so we dont have the solution?

no, there is no possible way of inserting it in the game unless you have it in your inventory sorry.

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ok, i just talk about things that are not possible…
but it’s ok.

i’m sad, this is the second post that i do and never have solution :frowning:

Well, not being able to import an assets that you dont own, its good isn’t?

You made a question, and many devs provided right answers, maybe you should mark any of those as the “solution”. If someone else is looking why they cannot import an asset, they could read your post and the marked solution:

Which is probably the right answer.

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thanks everyone for the help, i appreciate it.
with or not a solution, you guys helped me so much.

All these Replies are Correct, But I’m just here to provide more Details

HTTP 403 (Forbidden) In this case is referring that you do not have the necessary permissions for the Request.

InsertService (as already stated) can only be used on your Assets but Additionally, you can use ROBLOX Provided Assets.

If you own a game, or own a Group Hosting the Game, you can use their Assets.

Directly From Documentation
To load an asset, the asset must be accessible by the creator of the game loading it, which can be either a user or group.

An asset loaded by this function must be created or owned by either the game creator or Roblox.

For the HTTP Status, InsertService is sending a Request from the Game to Load an Item, Generally it is best to Handle these Requests with a Protected Call to prevent Such errors.

What are Protected Calls?

A Protected Call (or pcall()) is a Callback that returns a Boolean, pcall() will not return any errors due to putting its function under what’s known as “Protected Mode”, If pcall() finds an error it will return false, otherwise, it will return true.

local Success, Error = pcall(function() -- protected call
    -- code

if Success then
    -- Success Code
    warn(Error) -- error

If you want, look at these HTTP Status Codes.

sorry for the late reply, but i will see it.