HTTP 403 (Forbidden)

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    I want to fix a bug in my code making it so that I can’t use messaging servive
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    I use MessagingService:PublishAsync() and it gives me the error in the title of this post
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    I have looked for solutions on the developer hub and they were all related to discord webhooks, mine isnt
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    This is my line of code erroring
MessagingService:PublishAsync("GameStartEvent", {Player1, Player2, game:GetService("TeleportService"):ReserveServer(game.PlaceId)})
--Player1 and Player2 are user ids, not player instances

uhh try enabling Studio Acces to API

And also enable 3rd party teleports since you’re teleporting to another game

Ensure you have the API access enabled however also why are you sending through code within the table? Best bet would be to just pass the PlaceId through the table rather then sending the code.

wait doing that just sends code and it doesnt send the id? i thought it would generate a reserved server code and then that would go in place of the spot instead of the actual code. Also I do have API access enabled
edit: the error actually isnt within the message service, its within the teleport service where it makes the access code

Well it’s not gonna auto make them join them. Best bet would be when the MessageServer is subscribed to/run you create a one in an even there. No need to pass it through as a message unless I am missing something important.

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It isnt teleporting to another game, its the same game just teleporting to a different server

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I might know whats happening now, ReserveServer is restricted from being used in studio test, it has to be used in the real published game

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this was correct, im not getting http 403 forbidden anymore, i just have other broken code