HTTP 429 (Too many requests) Chat filtering

Hello! I am trying to solve a problem in my game. Sending a lot of requests to filter a certain piece of text is necessary, but Roblox does not like it. I am currently using


By the way, the constant filtering happens when a player updates the text on a sign.

	local changed = game.Chat:FilterStringForBroadcast(script.Parent.Config.Text.Value,game.Players:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Player"))
	script.Parent.Part.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.Text = changed
	script.Parent.Part.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.TextSize = script.Parent.Config.TextSize.Value
	script.Parent.Part.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.TextScaled = script.Parent.Config.TextScaled.Value
	script.Parent.Part.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.TextColor3 = script.Parent.Part.Color
	if script.Parent:IsDescendantOf(workspace.Plots) then
		script.Parent.Part.Transparency = .5
		script.Parent.Part.Transparency = 1
	if script.Parent.Config.TextStroke.Value == true then
		script.Parent.Part.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.TextStrokeTransparency = 0
		script.Parent.Part.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.TextStrokeTransparency = 1

Any help on being able to find a better method that accepts a greater amount of requests or a way to increase the limit in general would be really helpful. Thank you.

Make use of pcall()

local changed
local success, response = pcall(function()
    	changed = game.Chat:FilterStringForBroadcast(script.Parent.Config.Text.Value,game.Players:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Player"))
if success then
   ... -- code here
   -- warn the player that it did not went through
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That’s what I have currently now. I want to find a way to be able to get more requests through instead of just stopping errors. Thank you for the response though.

What is making you have to filter the text so quickly?
What are you using this for?

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My game is a vehicle sandbox game. One of the objects you can place is a sign. The requests fill up when a bigger vehicle like this (unfinished)

gets loaded. All of the signs inside immediately try to filter their text.
Result of the problem:

No there is not, there are too many errors coming in that is the issue.

I suggest to filter only from the original model WHILE it gets created, then when it is done you just clone everything which has already been made so you do not have to worry about filtering when cloning the object.

That is what is already happening. When I said load in, I’m talking about the player loading their build from a save slot.

No what you’re doing is not what I said.

  1. When you change the text it gets filtered
  2. When you save the text it gets saved as the filtered state, so now you do not have to filter it.

What you’re doing is filtering while it’s unneeded.

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Thanks. I misread what you originally said. Have a great day!

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