HTTP 500 Server errors are back

Hey there, I’m a developer for a navy group, and currently, several of my scripts are giving HTTP 500 errors. HTTP, and API services have been enabled but it still seems to be broken. I assume this is indeed a roblox issue, but all of my scripts are essentially breaking, even when they’ve worked perfectly fine before. I can give you the error codes if needed. The only thing I need to know is how to fix it. If it’s even possible, as it is an internal server error.

They error on IsInGroup and GetRankInGroup functions (for context)

HTTP 500 error occurs when it doesn’t send the signal (unexpected condition). You can fix this logging out and logging back into your studio, it might actually be logged out my shown as logged in. So it declines any requests sent from the server. It happened to me previously too, just log out and log back in and it should be fixed.

It’s not actually in studio, it’s in game. It happened in studio, and I did relogin, and it did fix it, but it’s in the main game.

Did you try publishing the place again after you logged out and logged back in?

Yes, it was published after, several times. (It worked fine for a day or two, and now this has popped up.)

Which script is causing it, i.e. what is the action being performed in order trigger it?

There are 2 scripts. a UiHandler, that uses game.Players.PlayerAdded, and a door handler. Mind you, I tested them several times, and they worked perfectly fine, and it’s also been working perfectly fine before, it’s just erroring now. One, the player’s character is being loaded, and second, the player is touching a part. It errors on the :IsInGroup() function, and the :GetRankInGroup() functions.

I had the same problem with the error HTTP 500. not my game but my friends when the game fully shut down it was gone probably a bug.