HTTP Error 500 when Trying to create place using CreatePlaceAsync

I have tried everything I can think of.

  • Trying in a published version of the game not in studio
  • I have copying and saving enabled in the place I’m trying to copy

Before this I was getting 403, but now I’m getting 500.


	if player.Name == "whimbur" then
		print("creating new world");
		local success, id = pcall(function() AssetService:CreatePlaceAsync("World", 16972388383) end);
		print(success, id);
		if success == true then TeleportService:Teleport(tonumber(id), player); end


This is critical to the functionality of the game I’m working on, so it’s not just something that I can ignore.

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Couldn’t you just reserve a private server for the other place instead of creating a new place?

(I am not familiar with AssetService, or in what cases it would be used so don’t mind me if it’s a dumb question.)

No, I’m only checking for the name “whimbur” so that my testers can’t spam create new places.

Essentially, the game I’m making is very similar to Blockate, where you can create worlds and and save worlds. This requires the use of CreatePlaceAsync

If you got these two options enabled as in the picture below, then it should work fine. Might be an issue on roblox’s side. If you are sure you own both places, there’s nothing i could think of that could be causing it.


There are 2 things you can do, either wait until roblox fixes it, or rewrite your game so that it uses private servers, save the buildings of the players when they build something new, with their specific “world id”, and load them when they join a world, based on which world they select.

EDIT: There are multiple issues with the same topic as you, and none of them actually have a working answer.

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I guess I’ll have to wait, the second option is kind of infeasible considering that I would have to save potentially hundreds of thousands of parts which would be a crap ton of data.

I also ran across posts with similar issues saying that it was a roblox-side problem, but I was hoping I was just doing something wrong.