Http Error: Manifest Fetch Complete?

Hey guys!

I am working on a script that involves trello. I checked all of the trello links (for api), and they were correct. I am very confused about why I am getting this error.
Maybe I’m over thinking? Maybe there is some error?
Here is the picture:

Thank you, I appreciate all help!

EDIT: I’d like to also include that my HttpRequests are on and enabled for the game. From what I looked up, it has to do with accessing the link. :3

There’s not enough information to respond to your request. You’ve noted what you’re working with and shown the error, but that’s not enough. Don’t forget about some of the essentials about making a help request; what are you trying to do and what have you tried so far? Also, how does you code look? It may be an issue with your code and not an external factor.

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Ok so I can’t send a snippet of code atm, but I will once availbe.
As of now, the 404 error says couldn’t get web page, so that’s my error. I’ve tried looking at http service in the wiki and Trello api, to no avail. The links and format are correct.
Again, I can send a code snippet tomorrow, later in the day, for reference.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that it was working just fine the other day, so if that may have anything to do with the issue; it only started araising after I finished an update.

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If at possible, would you be able to revert your code to a version that did work and try testing if it works then, whenever you become available? If your previous code works but your current one doesn’t, that means it’s something with the code you wrote that’s making your GET (or POST?) request throw an error.

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I’ll try that out tomorrow, and update you on what happens.
Thanks for the current assistance. :blush:

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Good news, I found a snippet of code. This code is inside of a function, that is called when a player joins the game.

I removed my key and token, just to be safe.

local listsJson = httpService:GetAsync("",true)
    local lists = httpService:JSONDecode(listsJson)
    for i,v in pairs(lists) do
        if string.match(,"Owners") then
            local id =
            local cards = httpService:GetAsync("" .. id .. "/cards?key=&token=",true)
            for _,card in pairs(httpService:JSONDecode(cards)) do
                if string.match(,game.CreatorId) then
                    return true
    return false```

Do you know which of the two requests isn’t working? That would help a bit in debugging this as well.


Is this your original code or the currently non-functional one? What did you change to it that made it fail it’s requests post-update? Also, above - what line of code is throwing the error and what is normally on that line? I never asked about that, but that’ll help to address the issue.

The console won’t tell me what GET is throwing the error, only giving me an error.

What if you only run the first request?

This is the current non-working code (sent on my phone). I haven’t had a chance to change anything yet. As I replied to the previous sender, I’m given no line of where the error is occurring, or what part is not working correctly. I will get a chance to play around with if, once I complete my homework.

From what I see, I am going to assume you are only trying to get information that is stored on cards and not attempting to create or update any cards from your game.

From my experience with using Trello, your Trello links may be the cause. From a previous script I had made a while back, this was my code to get all the cards from each list:

local trello = HttpService:JSONDecode(HttpService:GetAsync("", true))

ListID is obviously where my list ID is. The only times I’ve needed a key and token is for creating or updating any cards on a board. You can also check out this Roblox Trello Guide.


Hmm, I’ll try that; if I don’t get an error, then we have our culprit!

Ok I’ll check that out; I thought you needed a key and token for it all, but maybe I was totally wrong. :joy:

Hey, just checked on trello api on their api site, and you were right. For GET requests, you don’t need a key or token. Thank you for helping me with this simple error. I know I’ll make much dumber mistakes later, so be on the look out!

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So, I hate being “that guy,” but when I tried this, I was given a 401 error (login needed to access the page). In other words, I need my key and token to use GET. I looked up more info on a regular 404 error, and it says that it is normally client-side, so here is my code.

I once more removed my key and token, so no one can access my account. I am actually thinking the key and token could be wrong, so I am going to check that out.

EDIT: Key and token are correct.

EDIT 2: I found the error, I am dumb. I literally made an error with the function, forgot to make it a variable. I still get the manifest error, but it seems to do nothing, so I am just going to ignore it, and hope it really does mean nothing. Thanks, though, for the help! :slight_smile:

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Ah, yes, I forgot. If your Trello board is not publicly visible then the key and token is required in order to access the contents. This is likely your case if login is needed to access it. The example I had given was based on a publicly visible board. My bad! But hope everything ends up working out for you.

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My boards are private, so that explains a lot! The script is working once more.
I decided to mark the response I am commenting to as the solution, so if others come upon it, they understand what to do.
Thank you once more, major help!

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