HTTP errors does not show stacktrace

When you get HTTP errors it says something like:
HTTP 429 (HTTP/1.1 100 Continue)

Why is it not printing the origin of the code?

Normal errors say:
Torso is not a valid member of model
game.ScriptService.MainScript, line 301 - Torso not a valid member of model

I have no scripts that use HTTP service or datastores that can be deleted so there should be a stack trace.
But it’s not, can you change that?

When a HTTP error occurs, it outputs the error twice.
It outputs it just like you posted.
It also makes the GetAsync/PostAsync call error, which would be the other output.

Of course, if you pcall it, it won’t print that error/stacktrace combination.
When pcall return false, you can just do print(debug.traceback()) though.