HTTP request delay

I am currently playing around with a connection between roblox and my website. For some reason I only receive 3 HTTP posts at a time. after that I have to wait for something around 30 seconds or longer until 3 other messages arrive. I don’t know if this is the fault of my website, a delay between sending http requests or an outage. I test this in roblox studio so it might be that. I also find a message saying “[HttpError: NetFail]” in my console. I don’t know what this means but older devforum threads say that it is because of an outage.

Update: My Console output has changes to HttpError: ConnectFail after a few requests more are sent.

Sounds like something with your wifi or your website, not like a Roblox issue. Do you usually get high ping in games?


Not often. My wifi is stable and my ping is around 10 ms most of the time.