HTTP requests every 10 seconds

I am trying to fetch data from a trello board and I am wondering if you think HTTP request every 10 seconds is a bit too extreme?

Well, the limit is 500 per minute. You can get away with a lot more than one every ten seconds.

I’d be really cool if we could send pushes to a Roblox server, instead of having to resorting to frequent polling…

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The Trello API has rate-limits enforced on both their keys and tokens.

According to the Trello Rate Limits, seen here

To help prevent strain on Trello’s servers, our API imposes rate limits per API key for all issued tokens. There is a limit of 300 requests per 10 seconds for each API key and no more than 100 requests per 10-second interval for each token. If a request exceeds the limit, Trello will return a 429 error.

You can send a request every 10 seconds if your game doesn’t have more than 100 servers running at a time.

As @Starception said, there is a 500 external requests/minute rate limit in each individual Roblox server.

To answer your question though, it all depends on how many servers you think your game will have. The more there are, the more requests are being sent out.

NOTICE: [May 3rd, 2023] Since it seems this still gets liked occasionally, I would like to note that this is no longer the case for Trello. They have long since implemented a stricter rate limit for Roblox-origin requests. 300/10s to 30/10s for keys and 100/10s to a mere 10/10s for tokens.

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I agree. some sort of webhook API for game servers would be awesome


You mean one every 10 seconds?

Sorry, my mistake. Yes, that’s what I meant.

I agree, most of my work I do stuff on servers for my friends. The downside is having to poll my server of requests to i.e see if something updated and would be nice if we could just send atleast small emit messages to roblox servers to then tell us that we can check our servers. Or the best solution is websockets. Obviously they are concerned about security issues.

Adding to this:

Agreeable or at least some way to hold open connections between two different servers (a roblox one and a hosted one) in order to receive events or information that is streamed between them. A similar implementation is the socket library for lua.

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Soon universal scripts will be released so that will kinda help us http people with sending less requests like short polling etc.

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Don’t worry about HTTP limits on ROBLOX - ROBLOX throttles (probably not on purpose, just the slow servers) your requests way before you can even get to 500/min.