HttpError: ConnectFail error and preventing/accounting for it?

Recently created a webhook for all my datastore errors when saving and loading. 3 players had this error, and one of them reported back to me saying that their data was gone.

Is this error something that is my fault? It’s possible these occurred on high memory servers (not sure if this would contribute to these errors). To be cautious I shutdown all servers - doubt this did anything.

Just got word that roblox was recently down so I’d assume that is the reason. Is there an easy way to prevent this from happening without creating backups / using the datastore2 method?

Roblox was kinda down very recently. If you look up down detector you can also see that. Along with that, I was in studio and I was getting the same error when I saved my data. I don’t think you could really prevent this data loss, since it’s dealing with roblox’s servers.

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Is there a way to prevent them going back to level 1 though?

I’ve got an idea. What if you checked to see if this was the error and don’t save their data if so? Not sure how I’d go about doing that. Would probably do something like:

if err == "502: API Services rejected request with error. HTTP unknown error (HttpError: ConnectFail)" then
-- dont save

You could do it that way and it would probably work. Or you could have it try to save again using a repeat loop if it errored, and if it errors more than like 3 times, you can stop any data from saving

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