HttpError: NetFail & HttpError: ConnectFail

I’ve currently made an API that interacts with my current game. This API has been working for the past few months with no issues. The API is currently online and responds as normal.

When loading ingame, No data is loaded from the API and the issues are displayed as the following:


HttpError: ConnectFail


HttpError: NetFail

This issue has impacted my game massively and is currently forcing me to close the game as no data is loading. I hope this issue is sorted shortly and can be resolved ASAP.

Thank you fellow developers & Staff

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Can we see your code? It will be hard to troubleshoot when we can’t analyze your script to see if there’s anything wrong :sweat_smile:


I’m pretty sure this isn’t code based as sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But sure!

local b='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/'
-- Required Character string above

function enc(data)
	return ((data:gsub('.', function(x) 
		local r,b='',x:byte()
		for i=8,1,-1 do r=r..(b%2^i-b%2^(i-1)>0 and '1' or '0') end
		return r;
	end)..'0000'):gsub('%d%d%d?%d?%d?%d?', function(x)
		if (#x < 6) then return '' end
		local c=0
		for i=1,6 do c=c+(x:sub(i,i)=='1' and 2^(6-i) or 0) end
		return b:sub(c+1,c+1)
	end)..({ '', '==', '=' })[#data%3+1])

local AuthorizationBase64String = enc(""..Username..":"..Password.."")

local Response = HttpService:GetAsync(Url.."/player-data/"..Plr.UserId, true, { ["Authorization"] =  "Basic "..AuthorizationBase64String})

Just to shorten this down, This is not the full code, But the only necessary code used. Thank you

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