Https:// site Search button doesn't work

Reproduction Steps

Go to Roblox Creator Documentation and try using the Search button. The button ‘lights up’ when I click it, but nothing happens.

I even tried going to ‘’ but the older site just redirects you to the new ‘create’ site.
Yesterday those sites used a magnifying glass icon for the search tool at the top of the page.
The new Search button is farther down in the first section of the page.

Expected Behavior

Click the button, enter the search term you want to find information about, and get some results.

Actual Behavior

As I said, the button lights up when you mouse over it but nuthin’ happens when you click it.


Google the item.
For example if I google “Roblox HingeConstraints” it shows the site page for HingeConstraints as a result of the search.

Issue Area: Documentation Site
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Very Rarely
Date First Experienced: 2022-12-12 00:12:00 (-08:00)


Hi @Scottifly ,

Thanks for reporting the bug!
Could you please share the browser software (name and version) with us?

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I was using Google Chrome on my work computer and haven’t had any issues there before.
Not sure of the version there, but I can check tomorrow.

The Search button seems to be working fine on my home computer just now. Using Google Chrome at home as well. Version 108.0.5359.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Thanks for reporting @Scottifly ! Did you happen to see any console errors in the browser? If so, can you paste the error please?

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