HTTPService 407 Script Error?

Hello there! I’m recreating a cool game I saw (PLS DONATE :money_with_wings:) and I’ve run into an error whilst using HTTPService. The script is supposed to get a player’s tshirts so they can be sold in-game but I get the following error:

Note: This only happens some of the time. I’d say about 20% of requests result in this error.

HttpService is attempting to get data from the following URL:

Anyone know what has caused this “HTTP 407 (Proxy Authentication Required)” error?

Only thing I can think of to fix it is retrying it every time it errors, but I can’t imagine that is the most efficient fix in the world.

Any help is appreciated, I’ve found nothing on Google so far!



What script are you currently using?

I’d recommend issuing the same request again until it succeeds. Additionally, you could add a max retries parameter/flag which represents how many times a single request should be retried until ignored.

check your dm as I’m working on a donation booth model that is mostly complete


Got it all working, just had to make it repeat. What I did originally to make it repeat didn’t work haha.