There is an undocumented http request limit of 20 requests/minute which appears only to scale up to 500 req/minute after a few minutes of the game server being active. I managed to find this a few weeks ago and last week it was confirmed with an Engineer.

Similar to DataStoreService:GetRequestBudgetForRequestType(), it would be really nice if we had a function HttpService:GetRequestBudget(), so we can determine what the actual current http budget is. Currently, outgoing requests in our game depend on this limit being 500 requests/minute.


My game makes heavy use of the HTTP service, and something like this would be extremely beneficial to it. Even for things like the DataStore and Messaging Service, Iā€™m not really sure there is an API to access this information. This would be a super nice feature and save devs from making their frameworks count requests - which by the way cannot account for future roblox updates.

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