HttpService reliability?

My game incorporates an external server for the browsing of something close to a “global marketplace”. Roblox docs state the following:

  • For each Roblox game server, there is a limit of 500 HTTP requests per minute. Exceeding this may cause request-sending functions to stall entirely for about 30 seconds.

At 8 players/server that limitation is okay with me but if I recall correctly I remember reading here about a year ago that there are some hidden restrictions to the HttpService such as not being able to send more than 3 requests at a time. Caching is not really an option as the game is already somewhat performance-consuming and the data is quite big. Queuing the requests is my last resort if this turns out to be true. I did try experimenting on my own but I couldn’t replicate the bug and I wanted to know if anyone has had such a problem with undocumented HttpService ratelimitng before? Is this the only undocumented ratelimit?

The only undocumented rate limit I’m aware of is the limit on the amount of data a place can upload via HttpService in a given month. If a place is only uploading small amounts of data, this limit is not likely to be reached.
If you’re exceeding the 500 requests per minute limit, you should try increasing the delay between requests. You can use HttpService:GetAsync() or HttpService:PostAsync() with a Delay value to enforce this delay. Setting a delay of 0 is equivalent to setting no delay and is not recommended.
local response = HttpService:GetAsync(“”, true, {Delay = 1})

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I am not, it is way below that, it is just that there is a lot of data transmission. Bytes of data being sent and kilobytes received. I was just concerned about the concurrent request limit but I ended up using this module to limit that easily.

didn’t even know this was a thing, but i have setup the http requests in a way that even if my servers are down, or there are too many http requests everything will be handled fine.

In a given month? Never heard of that. This was the point of the post tbh to see what other limits are undocumented. Could you elaborate?