HttpService Requests Not Reaching Mentioned Limit

Hey there!

In the HttpService API, it says that the request limit is 500 requests per minute per server. However, when I put this to the test, it gave me unsatisfactory results.


In Studio, I hit 60 data requests, where the 61st one failed.

In Game, I got inconsistent results. The first time, I got 100 successful requests, and on the second try, the 88th request failed.

It is crucial for me to keep reliable count of how many HttpService requests I have left in that minute, for an updating service which grabs data from an external source in intervals depending on how many requests there are left.

I am unable to do this because there is neither a way to check for HttpService budget nor is the request count consistent in-game/in-studio.

Does anyone have a workaround for this?

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Judging by the error message, I assume the server, that the requests are being sent at, is the one rate-limiting you here, not the service that Roblox provides. You might want to check the call limit of the host.


I’ve been using roproxy, and they say that there is no rate limit. I’m using this to get group data and items etc.

roblox’s api itself has a rate limit

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