HttpService SSL failing to connect

Occasionally, some Http requests will fail when posting to an SSL url. Once it happens in a server, it seems to always fail in that server until shutdown.

The error is (curl_easy_perform): SSL connect error (35)

The bug happens randomly on any game in any server, there doesn’t seem to be any specific trigger as I am always posting to the same URL. It isn’t level specific, I have recorded it in many games that use my code, an example of somewhere this bug occurs most frequently (but not all of the time) is this place:

I’ve been getting reports of this bug more often in the past 2 weeks than before.


I feel like you might have to send some code, if you can reproduce it with simple http requests, you might have to mark this with the ROBLOXCRITICAL tag

I have seen this happen in my game as well. It’s an annoying black hole in my logging system, and an even more annoying gap in my moderation and report system.

It happens with simple http requests.

Can you please check if the server where you are POSTing to supports TLS v1.2? Does this error happen consistently, or it works sometimes (e.g. it fails and sometimes works when POSTing to the same server)?

The server does indeed support TLS 1.2. The error does not happen consistently. Just a few times a day.

ahem, I believe i asked for code???

Like I said, it happens randomly with simple http requests. It’s nothing to do with my code. I believe it also occurs with GetAsync.

@pps83rbx Hey, this issue is still occurring in games and has seemed to become more common since around the 20th of June.

Got any more ideas? :confused:

This graph shows how often the error occurs (across thousands of games)

Yeah, i found this out last year, tried to move phantom forces to SSL, and was very unreliable.

Damn, my web servers are pretty locked down… It’d be quite hard to allow normal http traffic. I guess I’m screwed.

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