HttpService:SetAsync non existant?

Hey there, been working on a r/place where I have to store data for 250,000 pixels. I’ve already made the table as small as possible, each pixel has a name of 3 ASCII letters, and each color is saved a letter. Now this I could save in DataStore, but after wanted to add who placed it and when I’ll need more data. And so I set up a javascript that manages the saving on the other side and I can send data to it and request data through a link, problem is that Roblox only seems to allow to read data and not send data? Excuse me? What to do…

Yeah, this came as a surprise.

The function is called PostAsync.
You can also only use it from server-sided scripts

Failed to save data: Post data too large. Limit: 1024 KB. Post size: 3015 KB

Any work arounds?

Billion dollar company here, ggs.

3015 KB is like 3 million characters, there’s absolutely no reason why you need to be processing that much data with a single POST request

You should be sending a single, small post request every time a pixel is updated.

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