Huge lag spikes when I do something in Studio

My roblox studio gets huge lag spikes after I select a Part or change properties, or open something like output, or even opening the studio when i hid the window.

robloxapp-20240708-1308240.wmv (1.3 MB)

I’ve tried reinstalling studio and disabling all plugins but I still have lag spikes.

bad internet, maybe. I never have problems like this, even when I run a game with a lot of parts and animations, or when i do stuff.

It could also be to do with your project, if you have to many objects or you have a badly optimized model it can lag everything out.

Or it could be a lack of Ram in your computer, that was the issue with my old laptop

is there a humanoid in the workspace, that can sometimes cause this issue

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I already fixed this issue and it has something to do with your clipboard, my clipboard was broken at the time of the bug and as soon as I restarted my computer it began working fine.