Huge Problem with Robux and New Item

Today i saw on twitter that Gold Clockwork Headphones are obtainable from buying robux for 100/200 USD
(Image from @Bloxy_news)
(Image from @Roblox_rtc)

When i checked for myself it said 600/1150 PLN
Can someone explain me why robux cost +/- 50% more in Poland than USA ???

When in Poland Minimum wage is less than USA?

Roblox plz fix this

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Today’s exchange rate is around 0.25 US dollars to 1 zloty.

Not sure why the exhange rate is different there. It should actually be close to PLN 393 to $99.99.

However it is not based on minimum wage.
It should be based on the Polish/US exchange rate.

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Solution: Change location to USA and use google pay (or paypal if it works for you)

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