Huge R15 rig animation breaks when scaled down

So i am having troubles on scaling down roblox rigs. I am using a default big R15 rig and i made a moving Cframed animations in blender and i imported it and i tested and see if the animations plays in roblox studio which it works but when i realized its too big so i scaled it down and for some reason when i play the animation, the rig’s movement is disoriented and it goes so far the map and sometimes submerges under the ground. Need help pls.

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That is because when you are scaling a rig, the rig attachments break sometimes or messes up. Only way is to import a proportional rig that it’s scale is relative to the Studio scale into Blender and then animate.

I wrote a monstrosity

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Thx it worked man I appreciated the solution. it took me like 1hr to do it but its fixed now.

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