Huge unsolvable inside going on here

So I’ve got a friend that is going to script for a game but when he opens Studio and starts typing it’s extremely slow, it only happens in Studio and nothing else. Neither of us know what the problem is but hopefully the Community could help.

Here is a video it’s in 60+ FPS… Video Of Problem

I don’t recommend posting this here as it’s not a scripting support problem and it’s already been answered here: Typing in the script editor is extremely slow in macOS High Sierra/Mojave. TL;DR factory resetting (after backing up your stuff obviously!) your computer will fix the problem.

Make sure to look hard and utilize discourse’s search bar when posting a question. There’s a high chance that it’s been answered before.

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Alright thanks man, this is the only place I can access because I am not a Full member yet.

No problem! Make sure to mark the post that solved your problem.

Also, if you want to post in a category that you don’t have access to, use the post approval process. It’s a great thing to utilize when you need it.