Huge Update in my game | need feedback

If anyone is willing to test my game and give some feedback. I would greatly appreciate it.



@Builderbeet Not bad, apart from a glare of the sun in the sky that really hurts my eyes, and it would be good if a badge was given to players as a reward. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I will look into the lighting and creating badges!

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I like it. You did a good job! As mentioned above, I would award a badge.

Leif AW

Thank you for my game! looks like I’ll definitely need to look into awarding badges.

Just played the game. I’ll have to agree with badges and shifts to the lighting, other than that, I’d say it’s great!

I like all these reviews coming in, thank you for playing my game!

Make it so you can spawn more than one soldier

You can already do that, by upgrading the cap.

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There is a big problem. Your game lacks UI (GUI) elements. How do you know how much cash do you have? Make the buttons. Overall, I’d say tweak the lighting a bit. Then your game should look way better. Also the colors are a bit to bright in my opinion. It looks like a cash grab. I suggest you make your game unique!

PS. this is only my opinion, don’t take this as criticism.

update bump update bump update bump update bump

Hi, just played it, looks really good and it’s fun to build up the army. A few things i noticed

  1. no idea if there is a win status implemented but once i’ve got all the flags my army just stopped, it would have been nice a “you won” and reset, or at least make the soldiers go and kill mobs to get the super donut because i still had some stuff to upgrade.
  2. It would be good to have each small goku (i was goku) on the conveyor belt to have it’s price on their head so you know how much they each make.
  3. It would have been nice to have the conveyor on the first floor to be longer and have at least one upgrader. Also more upgraders on second top and have conveyor on the “ultimate floor”
  4. Could use some satisfying VFX for parts pasing upgraders and popping of spawners.

These are the screens of how it looked after i got all the flags, i did not even understand what was happening to my Vegetas lol.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! The game is still incomplete and you gave good ideas thank you.

Vegeta’s goal is to capture all the flags, meaning if he already has, then he stops, until say Naruto’s team try’s to capture one of the flags. At that moment they will rush into battle, so its not a bug.

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Ah yeah sorry i did not mean to say “its a bug” but rather that i had taken over the flags but my tycoon was not complete, if my Vegetas would have kept fighting the big ogre for the 100k donut, i would have kept playing because it was fun to watch them go too. But after they stopped moving it made me want to quit, so might get some more playtime and engagement if they just keep fighting the ogres even if all flags are taken.