Human body image?

Hi there Farmboy014 here,

I am wondering if it would be against ToS to have a image of the human body similar to these to educate players on major organs and their functions? They would not be/ do not include inappropriate things/topics. Thanks for your help, and have a good day.

Or would this fall under. If so, how extreme is extreme?

I’m not one to speak on Roblox moderation, but I believe if it was black and white, and a bit more simplified it should be fine… I wouldn’t take the risk, but if necessary than that might help it get past computer moderation.

Hey, @Farmboy014!

I believe that this could be auto moderated as violating the Roblox Community Standards in some point, but if you make it unclear and simple as what @Clxzed stated, you can be clear.

In my opinion, it would be efficient for you to contact to Roblox Customer Support team as they can help you answering further inquiries that weren’t too much clear in the guidelines. :palm_up_hand:

I hope this can help a bit answering your question! :smile:

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Ok will do, thank you for the help.

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What category would this fall under because the reply I got back from staff, is that the request could not be processed by the UserSafetyConcern team?

It can be in the category “How To” as you can ask how risky it can get if sending full anatomy.

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