Humanoid automatically repositioning head and torso to be centered

So basically I’m trying to make a custom entity with the humanoid with all of its body parts, but whenever I scale/position any part of the humanoid that’s uncentered, the game automatically repositions the part to be centered, which is super annoying for my game. So I’m just wondering how to disable/bypass the auto-repositioning.

(what it’s supposed to look like vs what it actually looks like)

Modify Motor6D offsets (C0, C1).

Thanks for the reply, however I see multiple Motor6Ds as the Torso’s children. I’m pretty sure I should change the Neck one. Should I change it to how much I want to raise the torso by?

You should increase the offset by the half of your change.
Neck for head
Root in HumanoidRootPart for torso

I’m not sure if I changed the positions of the c0 and c1 of the root motor6d correctly, because after I changed it instead of the torso instantly changing position to below the head, it gradually does it instead.