Humanoid Break Joints Roblox (Build Rig) Plugin doesn't break joints

I am trying to get the NPC I created from Roblox Build Rig Plugin(R15) to die. The health goes down but it doesn’t break joint or disappear.
Added a Script to the model to die and break joints:
myHuman = script.Parent.Humanoid
function died()
myHuman.BreakJointsOnDeath = true

The humanoid in the model also has BreakJoints checked.
I have a model from Roblox Build Rig Plugin that I made about 5 days ago that works fine. I copied that one into another game and the joints break so I found this for a work around for now but something has changed so I am looking for answers.

I tried both R6 and R15 and it doesn’t matter. I also tried it in another new game with nothing else in it and it still doesn’t work.